The Science of Vaccines: An Illustrated Guide to How Vaccines Work

ABOUT: Introducing the first in a series of educational materials to help anyone learn more about viruses, vaccines, and COVID-19 in an easy and engaging way.  

GOOD FOR: Educators, children, adults

Illustration: The Vaccination Gym Where Immune Systems Train

ABOUT: Your immune system helps fight off infections that make you sick, like the common cold or flu. When it’s exposed to something new–like the novel coronavirus–it needs a bit of help to keep you safe. That’s where vaccines come in. They give your immune system the training it needs to combat a virus.

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Illustration: Anatomy of the SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus

ABOUT: Humans are the most complicated life form we know of. We’re made of DNA, RNA and proteins. Viruses, like the coronavirus, are simple life forms. Each coronavirus particle is basically a strand of RNA surrounded by an envelope of protein. Notice the spike protein studding the virus envelope.

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